Why to enroll for US Mortgage Underwriting TrainingProgram?

This is an Upskilling program which is making candidates job ready and can be successfully placed as an Underwriter in US Mortgage processing companies operating in India.

What is the job of an Underwriter?

An Underwriter has to assess the Income and Property documents and take holistic decision whether to fund to a borrower or reject the loan application. This is a special skilled profession and commands lots of respect and recognition in the industry.

What will be the job type like office sitting/sales/processing?

This is an office job where Underwriter processed files on system (laptop/desktop). This is not a sale and travelling job. In simple terms it can be said a backend processing job.

Who will be the employer company?

Employer company may be an MNC having offices in multiple cities in India & US.

How many working days will be there in a week?

In most of the companies there is 5 days week office, Saturday & Sunday will be off.

What is the job Guarantee through this program?

This is a job assurance program wherein minimum 3interviews are committed which should be a sufficient opportunity to secure the job.

What will be the starting salary?

As explained Underwriter is one of the critical role in the entire US Mortgage process hence attracts decent salary, which varies basis company and cities. Candidate should expect a reasonable start of their career through this Training cum Placement Program.

What will be the office timings?

Candidate has to be flexible for Office timing as in many companies same is Day job whereas in some its night shift as per Indian Standard Timing.

Will I get the training completion certificate?

Yes, a Training completion certificate will be provided.

What is the training duration?

Training duration is around 100 hours which is spread into 2 months, to enable working professionals take the program most of the sessions are covered in Saturday & Sunday.

Will training be Online or Offline?

Training will be conducted online and sessions will be recorded for easy reference of participants in case they miss any live session.

Will it be an Interactive training session?

Yes, sessions will be interactive where trainer will be able to take questions from the participants and participants can also raise questions or can discuss any doubt in the Live class.

Who are the Trainers?

Trainers are US Mortgage Underwriters who have over 10+ years of experience.

Will there be Mock Interviews or Assignment?

Yes, all participants will be given an exposure of Mock interviews and assignment clearance which will be actual case scenarios that they are expected to deal in their job.

Will this be a permanent job?

Yes, this will be a permanent job as per the norms of the employer.

Will there be cab facility in case of Night shift?

Yes, as most of the companies follow US standards hence cab facility is expected if there is night schedule.